Lisa’s Wedding

Lisa is my dear friend who got married in October 2012. She is an elementary school teacher and her husband is a Chemist. I had fun marrying these two backgrounds for the concept of their wedding chalkboards including a periodic table seating chart chalkboard and roll call chalkboard guestbook.


Drink Menu

Crepes board

Desert table board

My one typo, I really thought that there would be actual candy bars, but what I was supposed to write was candy bar!

Thank you board

A sweet gesture

Photo Opp. board

Something to entertain guests while the wedding photos are taken.

Yep, this girl is smearing the chalk.

Yep, this girl is smearing the chalk, but that just goes to show how laid back and kid friendly this wedding was. The kids had fun the whole time!

Brunch menu board

Sunflower board

Lisa’s idea for remembering her mother on this special day.

Cards and gifts

Welcome board

Welcome board

Guestbook instructions board

School theme continued!


It was a challenge for guests to write with chalk but they all had fun and this is a fun keepsake for Lisa and Eric to hang on their wall.

Table numbers



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