Painting is not an act of service to a critic but rather it is something I do for my heart. It’s something I do to satisfy the need to create. Not to re-create something that already exists, but to create a world, an image, a design, a composition that is uniquely me! When I paint in this pure form, I let you in on all the secrets of what makes me happy visually: structure, harmony, surprise, history, hard work, depth, contrast, balance, and the single point of discord that seems to hold everything together. When I paint from my heart, when I let my honest preferences dictate the paint application, then the universal laws of art start to surface in my work. The composition clicks into place naturally; the color combinations start to make sense. The lines, values, textures, and accents all start to whisper to each other and to me. I join that conversation and add a few more details in response and then the whispering transforms to a  melody.  Then with a few more fine tune adjustments, the painting and all its harmony sings!


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